Who Is Splash Swim School?

 Splash Swim School began its life as Learn2Swim, a part time provider of swim lessons. Founder, Bríd Graham, was working part time as a primary school teacher, part cafe owner, farming – all this while teaching swimming on the side. Ably supported by an ever expanding team of fantastic swim teachers, swim mammies and daddies, this situation changed to the present day as a full time focused business providing lessons 7 days a week.

We are now a full-time operation, providing swimming lessons 7 days a week in 7 locations:

Year on year, our customer base has expanded, while maintaining a very high retention rate.

Focusing on the personal customer touch, small class sizes, personalised reports leads to a high level of attention to the development of each individual swimmer.

For us, it is not only swimming. It’s about ensuring each child is placed in a group which suits their age, personality and allows them to develop their self-confidence as a sports person. They are welcomed, questioned, encouraged, sometimes cajoled. They are challenged, comforted and pushed to beyond what they believe they can achieve, from blowing bubbles for the first time, to swimming their first length, to mastering a stroke with a high degree of personal self belief.


We believe in allowing the student progress at a rate which is suitable for them. We expand their comfort zones as opposed to pushing the child out of it, we provide a supportive scaffold to encourage your child to try their best, every time. Your child should always have the same teacher, which further scaffolds confidence, if not we make sure the replacement is known to them and that they have full knowledge of the students.

We work with your family:

We arrange our timetable to best suit the families of our swimmers. This means trying to accommodate siblings at similar times and organising classes at times most suitable to our families. When you enroll at Splash Swim School, you will retain your swim space for as many years as you deem necessary.