Terms & Conditions 2024

  1. The teacher is the instructor and will provide all guidance. Children and accompanying adults are to follow the instructions of the teacher at all times.
  2. Equal to Splash Swim School guidelines are the safety guidelines of our pool facilities we teach in. All signs and safety notices are in accordance with the safety guidelines of Splash Swim School and must be obeyed. 
  3. To this end, no running, diving, jumping or rough play will be tolerated. Diving is permitted only under the guidance and instruction of Splash Swim School staff. Children may be asked to leave a lesson if misbehaviour ensues or continues. Each new day is a fresh start.
  4. Parents not assisting their children in the water are asked not to enter the deck/ teaching area unless specifically invited to do so. There is no viewing of lessons unless invited to do so.
  5. Staff are not available to speak with parents during lesson time. Please forward all queries/ concerns to admin info@splashswim.ie.

* All children are to have fitted hats, goggles and swimsuit. All children are to wear appropriate deck footwear.  Crocs, sandals or swim shoes are appropriate and will provide support while walking on the tiles. Any children not wearing appropriate deck shoes may be refused admittance to classes. This is essential for Health and Safety.

  1. Parents are required to purchase a woggle, aquaplane or kick board depending on your child’s swim level and ability in the water. The teacher will decide on what piece of equipment is necessary and will aid your child’s development while practicing swimming. 
  2. Lessons begin promptly. Parents are to have children ready at the  reception  door three minutes ahead of the start of class.
  3. Parents are responsible for providing staff with up to date medical information regarding their children. It is essential that their medical infromation is up to date on their online profile, for teachers to be awarte of any condtions, in particular if there is a replacement teacher. Children on antibiotics should not attend lessons as their bodies are recovering and swimming will place further strain on their bodies. 
  4. Please visit the toilet before lessons. Parents will then meet their child at the changing room doors. Parents are required to be available during lessons in the case of illness or tiredness. 
  5. Please notify admin on info@splashswim.ie or click through to your child’s profile if your child is sick/ unavailable to attend lessons. Fees are non refundable.
  6. Parents are to ensure that children will observe signage regarding no jumping or diving unless under supervision from the teacher by reminding the children of the above hotel pool rules.

As Swim School Staff, we endeavour to provide high quality swim lessons. 

All staff will be fully qualified to work with your children. 

  1. Staff will behave respectfully all at times.
  2. Lessons will endeavour to begin promptly.  
  3. Children will be treated in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for children’s Sport in Ireland, which takes into account the UN Conventions on the Rights of the Child. 
  4. The safety of your child and all other children in the class will be at the centre of our ethos as swim lesson providers.
  5. In the case of bad weather or other unavoidable circumstances, classes may be cancelled. They will be credited at a future stage.


We aim to provide fun, educational, safe lessons where your children will be happy and will flourish in the water.

Thank you
Bríd & Staff

Splash Swim School Ireland