Clayton Hotel Limerick

Swim Classes at Splash Swim School, Clayton Hotel Limerick.



Learn to swim in one of our newest venues that boasts stunning views of the River Shannon.We are proud to provide top-quality, small-group swimming lessons for all levels here in Limerick.

Pool Information

The heated pool at the Clayton Hotel is 12m long and 1.2m deep. This depth is perfect for learners of all ages and stages. The water is a comfortable 30 degrees in temperature which is ideal for learning and practising.

To access Club Vitae, you can take the elevator or the stairs.

Parking Availability

Parking is available nearby.

Viewing Availability

We don’t have a viewing area available for parents and guardians. However, you can rest assured that your child will be expertly supervised by their instructor. As well as this, we’ll make sure to contact you straight away if your child needs you for any reason.

Of course, we’re always happy to chat with you about your child’s swimming progress. Just get in touch to arrange a time.

Changing Facilities

The pool at the Clayton Hotel offers separate male and female open-plan changing facilities. Lockers, toilets and shower facilities are available in each area.


Address:                    Phone:

Clayton Hotel Limerick,      087 719 3003
Steamboat Quay, 
Dock Rd,
V94 H6HN