Children’s Levels


Here at Splash Swim School, your child will learn to swim in a structured but personalised way. 

We’ve spent nine years perfecting our curriculum which is based on a mixture of Swim Ireland and Water Safety Ireland objectives. Your child’s classes will be age-appropriate and sociable. Their teacher will tailor instruction to their ability and personality. 

Whichever of our locations around Ireland they learn to swim in, your child has the opportunity to start in Beginners and progress all the way to Level 7. Of course, how far your child progresses is a decision for you and them to make together. We understand that every learner has different goals and motivations. 

Your child can look forward to receiving a certificate at the end of each level. We love to celebrate every success at Splash Swim School. 

Some swim equipment is needed for classes: 


Please note: If your child is under the age of 4, please visit our Junior Splash page to find out more about our swimming lessons for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.


This level marks the very start of your child’s swimming journey. Lessons last for 30 minutes and each one will lay a foundation for confident enjoyment of the water and swimming.

At this stage, a parent or guardian is asked to join each learner in the water. This helps to build your child’s self-confidence as they start their new adventure. At first, your child will learn how to stay safe near water and how to get in and out of the pool correctly.

Once in the water, the instructor will help your child to feel secure and happy. Before you know it, they’ll be blowing bubbles and having fun with floating equipment. 

By the end of this level, your child will be comfortable floating on their front and back using swim equipment and with the help of their caregiver.

All these skills will be learned at your child’s own pace, with no pressure to meet specific goals at a certain time. If they have any specific anxieties related to the water, their instructor will work on these with them.

Post Beginners (Level 1 & 2)

In Levels 1 and 2, you’ll see your child becoming more and more at home in the water. Imagine the excitement they’ll feel when they can confidently submerge their face and wave at their classmates underwater. 

Lessons last for 30 minutes. This is a very important period in the development of a swimmer. As a result, your child will learn at their own pace, rather than the pace of the group.

By the time your child completes Level 2, you’ll find that they’re able to confidently move through the pool by kicking and using floats. They’ll also be able to tread water, giving them a valuable sense of security in the pool.

Here at Splash Swim School, we believe that ‘practice makes permanent’ when learning to swim. We’ll help your child to develop and use correct techniques from the very start.

Improvers (Level 3 & 4):

This is an exciting stage for your young learner as all their hard work begins to come together. 

Lessons last for 30 minutes and your child will continue to learn at their own pace. 

At these levels, your child will start to feel like a proper swimmer as they master front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke. They’ll even be introduced to the butterfly. Your child will also perfect the correct breathing techniques for each of these strokes.

Improver classes also include fun challenges such as swimming underwater and competitive starts. In addition, your child will experience the thrill of diving to pick up items from the pool floor. 

Advanced (Level 5, 6 & 7)

Once your child reaches the Advanced stage, they’ll have the chance to explore all the options the world of swimming holds for them.

Overall, your child will focus on:

At Level 6, your child will take some time to consider their swim future. Perhaps they’ll be eager to get involved in competitive swimming. Or maybe they’ll want to apply their skills to other watersports such as surfing, scuba diving and canoeing.

Either way, we’re here to guide your child on the path that’s right for them.