Re-Enroll for New Term Jan 2022

Dear Parents,

Firstly, we would like to thank you wholeheartedly for your co-operation this term. It hasn’t been easy to maintain regulations, with how things are. 

Arriving swim ready, purchasing your own equipment, leaving via changing rooms, accompanying beginners into the water and all the arranging this takes, has meant we have continued providing much needed swim lessons over the past 15 weeks.

Thanks is also due to the teaching staff, who have adapted to our ‘new normal’ with enthusiasm and their usual level of professionalism. I’m sure you will agree they have done a great job and there has been a high level of achievement by all our little swimmers this term.

Classes finish Sunday, December 19th and resume again Monday January 3rd. 

There are 14 weeks (€189) in the coming term, with the exception of Thursday (St. Patrick’s Day) who pay for 13 lessons (€175.50.) The IBAN remains the same IE02BOFI90544069367820.

Your space belongs to you, as long as you/ your child wishes to swim. Please let us know by Sunday 19th, if you do not wish to  continue swimming with us, as we have a waiting list. Lessons must be paid for by January 16th. If you have any issue regards payment, either for this term or next term, please contact me in the first instance. Please ensure your child continues to wear the required togs, hat, goggles, and very importantly non-slip shoes.

Woggles cost €10 and Aquaplanes cost €30. Kickboards (aged 10 upwards/adults cost €15.) If you have acquired a flotation device and haven’t already paid, please do so, referencing your child’s name. 

At this time we would like to thank you for continued support in not using the baby pool and congregating in the viewing area at reception. It is really important that we maintain these high levels of social distancing. If there are any further restrictions in the swimming sector, we will replace swim lessons like-for-like, at a later stage. 

As per usual, if you have any siblings or friends who want swim lessons, ask them to submit a query on, which will add them to our waiting list.

Thanking you again for your custom and wishing you a very happy Christmas and the best for a bright, healthy 2022!

The Splash Swim School staff.