Baby Swim at the Pier Head, Mullaghmore with Splash Swim School

  • [Posted: October 16, 2020]

    Splash Swim School widened its variety and scope of swim lessons in June 2019. Baby Swim was launched out in the Pier Head in Mullaghmore. Baby Swim lessons are tailored towards each child individually. To their specific needs, their comfort level with water and their own development pathway. Swimming lessons is about balance and comfort in the water. These skills can be introduced as early as 12 weeks old.

    Our Baby Swim classes are split by the age categories of the children. We start from 12 weeks old right up to 4 years of age. Our Baby Swim classes are instructed with the parent in the water to bond, develop confidence and teach their own child about water and learning to swim. Our classes are small with up to 6 parent and child groups with each age category. This enables the instructors to learn more about each individual child and structure the lesson to where they are on their developmental pathway. At these young ages this pathway moves very fast.

    Neil, one of our Baby Swim instructors, explains how teaching the younger ages differs from the mainstream swim teaching. “I have been teaching the younger age groups since 2015 and it has completely transformed the way I teach. Teaching the baby swim is working so closely with the foundation of swimming and the core aquatic skills at a deeper level. It differs so much from the older children as the feedback to me is 80-90% non-verbal. Its all about understanding how the parent and child are responding to different positions and experiences in the water. Without a doubt the best part of it all for me is the ‘WOW’ factor or the ‘Eureka’ moment and again this can be from the parent and/or child when they float for the first time independently or blowing bubbles.”

    Baby Swim is a great way to introduce your child to water and to begin the education of teaching your child how to swim and incorporating the safe, fun and healthy aspects of the sport at the same time.

    For more information about our next term start dates, please contact us on 087 4164686 or email us at

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