My child is a beginner. Why do I need to join them in the pool?

  • [Posted: July 5, 2022]


    In the past, our swim instructors swam in the pool with the learners. However, for health and safety reasons, the Covid-19 pandemic put a stop to this practice. 

    At that point, we began to ask parents/caregivers to join their beginners in the water. We were delighted with the success of this, as we discovered many benefits for both children and adults:

    • – Young children are calmer and more focused.
    • – Learners get more praise since they are encouraged by both their teacher and their caregiver.
    • – Children progress faster thanks to the extra support.
    • – Caregivers enjoy quality time with the children.
    • – Adults have the opportunity to observe and be part of the children’s learning. 
    • – Caregivers feel like a valued part of the Splash Swim School community. 


    As a result, we’ve continued to bring parents/caregivers into the pool for beginner classes. If you’re uncomfortable with this, please don’t give up on the idea of swimming lessons for your child. Get in touch to arrange a chat about possible solutions for you and your little one.


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