My child is nervous. How can you help?

  • [Posted: January 3, 2018]


    It’s very common for children to feel anxious about new experiences. We understand this and will partner with you to put your child at ease. Children mature at different rates. Even children from the same family can vary when it comes to being ready for structured lessons. You will know best wether they are ready or not and one of our teachers will be happy to advise you.

    Here are some practical steps to consider:

    – Bring your child to watch one of our lessons. This will help them to know what to expect. Please get in touch in advance so we can recommend an appropriate time.

    – Visit the pool as a family and enjoy your time together in the water. This positive experience will help to build your child’s confidence.

    -Please Contact us to arrange an informal meeting with a teacher. Your child can ask any questions they like about what happens at swimming lessons.

    -Please Contact us to arrange a trial lesson before signing up properly. The teacher can then advise about the next steps.

    Remember, there are many reasons why your child might feel nervous. Encourage them to share exactly what the problem is. Some possible examples include:

    -Anxieties about the venue, teacher or other children

    -Fear of the water

    -Difficulties getting changed

    -Fear of failure




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