What age should my child begin swim lessons?

  • [Posted: June 13, 2018]


    Some join our junior splash programme from 3 months old ,some start around the time they start school and thrive, other parents choose to wait until the child has settled at school, before undertaking swimming lessons.

    In return, at Splash Swim School we try to ensure there are no more than four swimmers in your child’s beginner swim lesson. We try to match up personalities, standards, the correct time and day, so that no parent arrives at the pool hurried and stressed!

    However, while it may take some time, it’s very important to us that your child understand their role in learning to float. We use woggles and aquaplanes to ensure your child develops the correct arm pull and leg kick, for the chosen stroke. 

    If you feel the above environment is suitable for your little fish, then they most likely are ready for lessons.

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