What you will need for your childs first swimming class

  • [Posted: June 1, 2018]

    To begin lessons, your child needs to be ready to accept instruction.

    If you have any queries, please consult our page, when should my child begin swim lessons?

    If you are happy to proceed, and your child feels comfortable in the water, your little swimmer requires a pool noodle OR aquaplane, a one piece swim suit, goggles, a hat and non-slip footwear for on deck, such as crocs, flip-flops or any other.non-slip shoe

    All Swim equipment required such as Pool Noodle €10, Aquaplane €30 and Improver Kick-board €15 can all be purchased at Splash Swim School. PLease contact Brid for further details.

    Please note your child is not covered by insurance, unless they are wearing protective footwear on deck.

    Now they are good to go!

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